Conditions of sale

Website publication and entry into force date 3/06/2019


1. Subject

1.1. These general terms and conditions of sale (hereafter also the "Conditions")  shall apply to the purchase of “hej-boo” brand products (hereafter the “Products” or individually the "Product") via the e-commerce website (hereafter the “Site”) by users falling within the definition of "Consumers” pursuant to article 1.2 below.

The Site and the “hej-boo” brands are property of  MAG ENERGY srl (hereafter the “Owner”).

The site is managed by Triboo Digitale S.r.l. - a Triboo Group company - with registered office in Viale Sarca 336, 20126 Milan, Italy, tax code, VAT No, and Milan Business Registry Enrolment No. 02912880966 hereafter "TRIBOO DIGITALE"or the "Seller ").

1.2. The use of the distance selling service governed by these General Terms and Conditions of Sale is reserved exclusively for pupils and / or parents of the pupils (hereinafter also referred to as "Customer" or, in the plural, "Customers") intended as persons physical persons acting for purposes not related to commercial, entrepreneurial, craft or professional activity, as well as to the Schools holding the distinctive signs affixed to the Products (hereinafter "Schools").

1.3 Outside the hypothesis in which the Products are purchased by the Schools referred to in point 1.2 above, the resale or transfer for any commercial or professional purpose of the Products purchased on the Site is expressly prohibited.

1.4. Any communication by the Consumer in connection with and/or in relation to the purchase of the Products, including any notifications, claims or requests concerning the purchase and/or delivery of the Products or exercising the right to withdraw, etc. - shall be sent to the Seller at the addresses set out on the Site and in accordance with the procedure also set out on the Site and to the e-mail address

1.5. All purchases are regulated by the general terms and condition of sale published on the Site at the time the order is submitted by the Consumer.

1.6 The languages available to users for the conclusion of the contract are Italian and English.

1.7. The purchase of Products on the Site is permitted to the following subjects:

a)       natural persons, in the presence of the following conditions:

                                             i.            they are 18 years old;

                                           ii.            they are consumers, pursuant to paragraph 1.2 above;

                                          iii.             they are registered on the Site, as required by art. 3 below.

b)      to the Schools holding the distinctive signs affixed to the Products

1.8. The Consumer shall be charged for any costs incurred to connect to the Site via the Internet, including any telephone expenses, according to the rates applied by the service provide chosen by the same.

1.9 Although the Seller adopts measures to protect personal data against their possible loss, falsification, manipulation and improper use by third parties, due to the characteristics and technical limitations related to the protection of electronic communications via Internet, the Seller cannot guarantee that the information or data displayed by the Customer on the Site, even after the Customer has authenticated (login), are not accessible or viewable by unauthorized third parties.

2. Product features and availability in the various geographical areas.

2.1. The products are sold by the Seller with the features described on the Site and in accordance with these Conditions published on the Site at the time of the order, excluding all other terms or conditions.

2.2. The Seller reserves the right to amend these Conditions of sale at any time, at his own discretion, without being liable to provide any notice to Website users. Any amendments shall come into force from the date on which they are published on the Site, and will only apply to sales concluded from that date onwards.

2.3. Sales prices, the Products sold on the Site and/or the characteristics of the same, may be subject to change without notice. Such changes are only applicable to orders which have not been confirmed before the date such changes come into effect. In any case, The Consumer is therefore advised to check the final prices before submitting the purchase order, pursuant to article 3 below.

2.4 Although measures are taken to ensure that the photographs shown on the Site faithfully reproduce the original products, some variations are always possible due to the technical characteristics and resolution of the colours used in the device used by the Customer. Consequently, any liability on the part of the seller for any inadequacy of the graphic representations of the Products shown on the Site is excluded.

2.5 The Site can be accessed from all over the world. However, the Products available on the Site can only be purchased by users who request delivery to one of the Countries listed on the Site.

3. Registration on the Site

3.1 The purchase of the Products on the Site can take place only after registration on the Site.

3.2 Registration on the Site is free. To register on the Site, the Customer must complete the appropriate form, entering its name, surname, e-mail address, the school identification code (unique), a password, name and surname of the children attending the school and their date of birth. Once the required data has been entered, it will be possible to register by clicking on "Register"; the registration to the Site will be confirmed to the user by e-mail.

3.3 The Registration on the Site, by opening a personal account called "My Account", allows the Customer to:

         i.            the. save your addresses;

       ii.            save your payment details so that they can be reused for payment of subsequent purchases;

      iii.            access all information relating to your orders and returns;

      iv.            follow the status of your order;

       v.            manage your personal data and update them at any time.

3.4 The Customer guarantees that the personal information provided during the Site registration process is complete and truthful and undertakes to keep the Seller free from any damage, indemnity and / or sanction deriving from and / or in any way connected to the violation by the user of the rules on registration on the Site or on the preservation of registration credentials.

4. Product selection and purchasing procedure

4.1. Each of the Products displayed on the Site can be purchased by the Customer through its selection; the Products chosen by the Customer will be inserted in a specific section, hereinafter referred to as "Cart". The Customer expressly acknowledges that the Products for sale on the Site are not necessarily immediately available: for more information on the availability of Products and on the delivery times of the same, please read the following paragraph 4.5 and the following article 6.

4.2 If the data indicated in the order are different from those provided during registration on the Site, the Customer will be required to confirm his/her data (by way of example but not exhaustive: name, surname, etc.), as well as the address where deliver the selected Products, the billing address and, optionally, a telephone number where you can be contacted for any communications relating to the purchase process.

4.3 By accessing the Shopping Cart section, the Customer can view a summary of the order, and he can modify the contents. The Customer, before confirming his order proposal, must check the accuracy of the contents of the Shopping Cart and complete the purchase form based on the instructions provided on the Site; in particular, the Customer will be asked to choose the shipping method and payment method, among those available, as well as to expressly approve these General Conditions by clicking on the specific check-box.

The purchase procedure is concluded when the Customer selects the appropriate final order confirmation button (hereinafter referred to as "Insert order"), thus validating its own Order Proposal, which will be sent directly to the Seller.

4.4 If the Customer opts for the immediate payment method (contextual to the purchase) by credit card or PayPal, he will be required to communicate the relevant data via secure connection. For accounting and administrative reasons, the Seller reserves the right to verify the details indicated by the Customer.

4.5 Without prejudice to the possibility for Users to browse the Site at any time, the purchase of the Products and the relative payment may, instead, be made by the Customers in the periods of time indicated below:

i) from 3 June to 15 July 2019 (hereinafter the "Launch Order Period")

ii) from 1 August to 15 October of each year.

iii) from 1 November to 30 June of each year.

All Products ordered during the Launch Order Period and some of the Products ordered during all other Order Periods may not yet be available for shipment at the time of your Order Proposal. The Customer acknowledges and accepts this circumstance and also agrees that by purchasing a Product the relative price shown on the Website and displayed in the Cart section will be charged to the Customer in advance, i.e. when the Order Proposal is sent, although the Product itself is not necessarily ready for shipment at that time. Deliveries will in any case take place in accordance with the provisions of article 6 below.

4.6. If during the selection procedure of the Products on the Site, the Customer detects that the price of one or more of the Products he intends to select for the subsequent purchase is clearly lower than the one normally applied, net of any discounts and / or promotions to that time in force, due to an obvious technical problem occurring on the Site, it is requested not to complete its purchase order and to report the aforementioned technical error to the Customer Service of the Seller, by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address customercare @

5. Finalization of each individual purchase contract

5.1 The purchase order sent by the Customer to the Seller through the Website has the value of a contractual proposal (hereinafter also "Order Proposal").

5.2 The Customer's Order Proposal is accepted by the Seller, after payment has been made by the Customer and after the Seller has been able to verify receipt,. by sending to the Customer, at the e-mail address declared by them at the time of registration, an Order Confirmation e-mail, which will contain the link to the text of these General Sales Conditions, the summary of the order made,by the Customer including a detailed indication of the price and costs of shipping and applicable taxes, and a description of the characteristics of the ordered Product. The order will be considered concluded when the Order Confirmation email is sent to the Customer.

To complement what is explained in the previous paragraph, in the event that the Customer has chosen as payment method the bank transfer, in addition to the Order Confirmation email, sent by the Seller at the submission of the Order Proposal by the Customer, a second Confirmation Payment email is sent to the Customer after the Seller has been able to verify receipt of payment. The order with payment via bank transfer will be considered concluded when the Confirmation Payment email is sent to the Customer.

5.3 The Seller reserves the right not to accept a Client's Order Proposal in the following cases:

a)       for orders subsequent to those referred to in the Launch Order Period, the Seller will have the right not to accept the order specifically for the "Nice to Have" line Products if the products are not available in stock and the received orders don’t reach an adequate production quantity. Alternatively, the Seller may decide to postpone further the delivery term of that Products.

b)      existence of a legal dispute between the Seller and the Customer relating to a previous order;

c)       if the Customer has committed violations of the General Conditions of Sale or has not fulfilled his obligations on previous occasions;

d)      if it emerged that the Customer purchases the Products for the purpose of reselling or selling them for commercial or professional purposes;

e)       if the Customer has been involved or is suspected of illegal or fraudulent activities.

5.4 Each Order Proposal and the Customer's data necessary for the purchase will be archived for the period of time and in compliance with the conditions established by current legislation. Any use of data for purposes other than purchase will be subject to a prior and express consent of the Customer, based on the conditions specified in the "Privacy Policy" published on the Website.

5.5 Customers can check the status of their order by accessing the reserved area of site.

6. Delivery and acceptance of goods

6.1. Whilst the Site generally states whether or not Products are available and the relevant delivery times, such information is purely indicative and under no circumstances binding on the Seller.

5.2 The Seller undertakes to do everything within its power to comply with the delivery times given on the Site and, in any event, to deliver within a maximum of 30 (thirty) days from the day after the Consumer places the order. If the order cannot be processed by the Seller, as the Product ordered by the Consumer is not available, even temporarily, for delivery, the Seller shall notify the Consumer in writing and refund the amount already paid as illustrated in more detail in art. 5.3 below. If the Consumer has selected the bank transfer payment method, the delivery term will become effective from the moment the Seller receives the payment.

6.2 The Products will be delivered to the address that will be indicated at the time the order is placed within the following terms:

a)       for orders relating to the Products belonging to the “Compulsory” line, within 60 days from the closing of the Launch Order Period, and, for subsequent orders

                                 i.            within 10 days from the conclusion of the order if the Product is present in the warehouses or

                               ii.            within 60 days of the conclusion of the order if the Product is not present in the warehouses;

b)      for orders relating to the Products belonging to the "Nice To Have" line, within 60 days from the closing of the Launch Order Period, and, for subsequent orders

                                 i.            within 10 days from the conclusion of the order if the Product is present in the warehouses or

                               ii.            within 60 days from the conclusion of the order if the Product is not present in the warehouses, without prejudice to the fact that for orders subsequent to those referred to in the Launch Order Period, the Seller will have the right not to accept the Order and/or postpone further the delivery time of the Products if he has not received enough orders to satisfy adequate minimum production quantity.

The Customer is aware and accepts that the estimated delivery date of the Products may be more than 30 days from the Order Conclusion date, as reported in article 5.2.

In case of failure to execute the order in the aforementioned terms by the Seller, due to the unavailability, even temporary, of the Product, the Seller will provide written notice to the Customer, who must request the Seller to make the delivery within an additional period appropriate to the circumstances, in accordance with current legislation. The right of the Customer to immediately terminate the contract remains if the ordered Product is not delivered within the additional term eventually indicated. In this case the seller will reimburse the amounts already paid by the Customer for the payment of the Product.

6.3. The Products ordered by the Consumer shall be delivered according to the method chosen from those available and listed on the Site when the order was placed. The Consumer undertakes to promptly check, as quickly as possible, that the delivery is correct and includes all and only the purchased Products, and to notify the Seller, within this deadline, of any faulty products received or any discrepancy between the order and the goods actually received, following the procedure referred to in art. 8 of this contract; failure to do so will infer that the Products shall be deemed as accepted. In the event that the packaging or boxing of the Products ordered by the Consumer reaches its destination visibly  damaged, the Consumer is invited to refuse to accept the delivery from the carrier/courier or accept the delivery “with reservations”.

7. Prices, shipping costs, taxes and fees; good promotional codes

7.1. The price of the Products is the one indicated on the Website when the order is sent by the Customer. Prices are inclusive of standard packaging costs, VAT (if applicable) and any indirect taxes (if applicable), while they do not include shipping costs that will be indicated in the Cart separately from the price of the selected Products.

7.2. If the Products are to be delivered in a country not belonging to the European Union, the total price indicated in the order and reiterated in the order confirmation, including indirect taxes (if applicable) is net of any customs duties and any other sales tax which the Customer undertakes to pay as of now, if due, in addition to the price indicated in the order and confirmed in the order confirmation, in accordance with the provisions of the law of the country in which the Products will be delivered. The Customer is invited to inquire with the competent bodies of his country of residence or destination of the Products, in order to obtain information on any duties or taxes applied in his country of residence or destination of the Products.

7.4. The Customer is solely responsible for any additional costs, charges, taxes and / or duties that a given country may apply, for whatever reason the Products ordered under these Conditions.

7.5. The Customer declares that the lack of knowledge of the costs, charges, duties, taxes and / or taxes referred to in the preceding paragraphs. 7.3. and 7.4., at the time an order is sent to the Seller, it cannot constitute a cause for termination of this contract and that it cannot in any way charge the aforementioned charges to the Seller.

7.6 The schools have the possibility to request the activation of the Free Kit service. This service allows the school to make available to some students the free purchase of some pieces of the school uniform (Free Kit). The free purchase is made possible through the distribution of Promotional Codes. These Promotional Codes can be used, within their validity period, exclusively for the purchase of one of the Free Kits identified by the School itself and made available on the site in the appropriate section of the site. Each Free Kit can be purchased in its entirety and cannot be replaced with the separate purchase of the individual items making up the kit. Promotional Codes are non-refundable in cash and do not bear interest on the credit represented by them. The Promotional Codes will not be refunded if the Customer decides to partially or completely return the ordered products. Promotional Codes can only be used if the order is finalized, cannot be used retroactively and cannot be transferred to third parties.

8. Payments

8.1. The Seller only accepts credit cards and other payment methods expressly indicated on the Site.

8.2 If the payment is made by credit card, the Customer will be transferred to a protected site and the credit card data will be communicated directly to Banca Sella SpA, with registered office in Biella (Italy), Piazza Gaudenzio Sella, 1 - 13900 Biella , registered with the Chamber of Commerce of Biella P.I. 02224410023, operator that deals with payments on behalf of the Seller. The transmitted data (card number, expiration date, security code) will be sent in protected mode, through the encrypted transfer of data with a 128 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) system. These data do not transit on the Seller's server and are not at the same time accessible. The transaction will be charged to the Customer at the time the order is sent.

8.3. In the event that the Customer wants to pay through bank transfer, upon completion of the order the codes "Swift" and "IBAN" will be displayed; using them the Customer will make the payment. These codes will also be sent to the Customer in the Order Confirmation email. The order will be finally confirmed by the Seller only after the credit has been displayed on the seller's bank account. In that moment a final Confirmation Payment email will be sent to the Customers. For orders placed during the Launch Order Period, payment by bank transfer must be done within the end of the Order Period. For orders placed during the other Order Periods, payment must be made within 3 (three) days from the Order Confirmation and in any case always within the Order Periods. In the event that payment is not done by the Customers or it is not done following the timing that has been indicated, the order is cancelled by the Seller. The timing may vary based on the payment processing times of the banks involved. To facilitate the connection between the payment received by bank transfer and the order, the Customer is asked to indicate in the purpose of the bank transfer: i) the order number; ii) the date of transmission of the order; iii) the name and surname of the order holder, if different from those of the current account holder from whom the transfer originates. It is also advisable to promptly send the Seller by e-mail to the address of the receipt for successful bank transfer.

8.4 In the case of payment by PayPal, the user will be redirected to the site where he will pay for the Products based on the procedure established and regulated by PayPal and the terms and conditions of the contract agreed between the user and PayPal . The data entered on the PayPal site will be processed directly by the same and will not be transmitted or shared with the seller. The seller is therefore not able to know and does not memorize in any way the data of the credit card connected to the user's PayPal account or the data of any other payment instrument connected with that account. In the case of payment by PayPal, the Total Amount Due will be charged by PayPal to the user simultaneously with the sending of the order. In the event of termination of the purchase contract and in any other case of reimbursement, for any reason, the refund amount due to the user ("Refund Amount") will be credited to the PayPal account of the same. The credit times on the payment instrument connected to this account depend exclusively on PayPal and the banking system, so that once the credit order has been placed in favor of this account, the seller cannot be held responsible for any delays or omissions in the crediting the user of the Redemption Amount, to dispute which the user will have to apply directly to PayPal.

8.5 The shipment of the purchased Products presupposes that the payment of the amount due by the Customer has been successfully received. In the event that, for any reason, the debit of the amounts due from the Customer proves impossible, the sales process will be automatically cancelled, as per the communication that will be sent to the Customer.

8.6. The Seller will promptly send to the Customer, if required by the applicable law, in electronic format via e-mail to the address stated by the same, the fiscal receipt relating to the purchase made, if the Products purchased are intended to be delivered in the Italian territory, or attached in paper format to the Products purchased, in all other cases.

8.7 In the event that one or more Products are unavailable and production is not foreseen within certain times, only the price and any shipping costs relating to the only Products available will be charged.

8.8. The Seller, with regard to data relating to payments by credit card, uses the services of the company Banca Sella which adopts technological systems designed to guarantee the highest levels of reliability, security, protection and confidentiality in the transmission of information via the web.

9. Legal guarantee of conformity of the Seller, reporting of conformity defects and warranty interventions

9.1. Pursuant to and for the purposes of the European Directive 44/99 / EC and of the Italian Legislative Decree n. 206/2005 (hereinafter the "Consumer Code"), the Seller guarantees the Customer that the Products will be free from manufacturing defects and lack of conformity. The application of any guarantee is excluded in the event of use or washing of the Product that does not conform to the Product's own and to the instructions / warnings provided by the Seller, or reported in the illustrative documentation of reference, in the tags or labels.

9.2 The Seller is responsible for any manufacturing defects and lack of conformity that become apparent within a period of 2 (two) years from the date of delivery of the Products to the Customer. Under penalty of forfeiture of this warranty, the Customer has the duty to report any defects and non-conformities within and no later than 2 (two) months from the discovery, transmitting to the Customer Service at, the proper form correctly filled out [click here to download the return form for defective product], with indication of the defect and / or non-conformity found, as well as the related documentation indicated in the defect report and / or defect itself (at least n. 1 (one) photograph of the Product where the defect and / or defect complained of is visible, the order confirmation sent by the Seller and / or the tax receipt).

9.3 Following receipt of the form and related documentation, an initial assessment of the defects and non-conformities reported by the Customer will be made through the assistance service, at the end of which the authorization to return the Products will be communicated; if so, a "Return Code" will be sent to the Customer via e-mail to the address provided by the latter during the registration process on the Site, together with the instructions to follow to ship the Product. It is understood that the authorization to return the Products will not in any way constitute recognition of defects or non-conformities, the existence of which will be verified after the products have been returned. The Products for which the Seller has authorized the return must be returned by the Customer, together with a copy of the return authorization communication bearing the "Return Code", within 30 (thirty) days from the date of return of the Return Code to the following address : [insert the owner's logistics address]

9.4. In the event that the existence of a defect or non-conformity is actually found, the Customer will be entitled, principally, to restore the conformity of the Product by the Seller, by repair or replacement, unless the requested remedy is objectively impossible or too expensive compared to the other. In the alternative, where i) repair and replacement are impossible or excessively burdensome, or ii) the seller has not repaired or replaced the goods within a reasonable period of time, or iii) the replacement or repair previously carried out has caused significant inconveniences to the Customer, the Customer may request a reasonable reduction in the price or termination of the contract and the consequent reimbursement of the price paid.

9.5 If the Seller has undertaken to reimburse the Customer the price paid, the refund will be made, where possible, by the same means of payment used by the Customer at the time of purchase of the Product or by bank transfer. It will be the Customer's responsibility to communicate to the Seller, again via e-mail at, the bank details to make the transfer in his favor and to ensure that the Seller is placed in the condition to be able to return the sum due.

10. Liability for defective products

10.1. Regarding any damage caused by defects in the Products, the provisions of the European Directive 85/374 / EEC and the d. lgs. 206/2005 (Consumer Code); therefore the manufacturer is responsible for the damage caused by product defects and, when the latter is not identified, the supplier who has distributed the defective product.

11. Right of withdrawal

11.1 Without prejudice to the exceptions referred to in Article 59 of the Consumer Code, the Customer is entitled to withdraw from any contract concluded under these Conditions, without having to provide any reasons and without penalty, within the term of 14 ( fourteen) days from when (i) the Product was delivered or (ii) in the case of purchase of more Products delivered separately with a single order, the last product was delivered.

11.2 To exercise the right of withdrawal, the Customer, before the expiry of the term referred to in the previous point 10.1, must follow one of the following procedures:

- fill in the appropriate form ("Standard withdrawal form") which you will find by accessing the "My returns" page from the "My Account" section. The Customer must complete the online form with the required information (the order number and the e-mail with which the purchase was made) and follow the instructions for returning the Product. Alternatively, the Customer may send the Seller through the contact form on the Website or to the e-mail address, the attached model withdrawal form [link to the return form for exercising the right of withdrawal ], after appropriate compilation;

- send the seller to the e-mail address, any other explicit statement of his decision to withdraw from the contract ("Declaration of Withdrawal"). In this case the Customer is invited to indicate in the Declaration of Withdrawal the order number in relation to which he intends to exercise the right of withdrawal and the e-mail address with which he made the purchase.

11.3 Following the provisions of the previous point 11.2, the Customer will receive an e-mail confirming the exercise of the right of withdrawal, containing, in the event that it has already received the ordered product, the return form to be inserted in the package and instructions for returning the product, which must be sent to

 [insert the owner's logistics address].

The Customer undertakes to return the Products for which he has exercised the right of withdrawal without undue delay and, in any case, within 14 (fourteen) days from the date on which he informed the seller of his decision to withdraw from the contract.

11.4 The risks and the direct costs of returning the goods, as well as the proof of this, will be charged to the Customer. If the Customer exercises the withdrawal through the site, before confirming the withdrawal request he will be shown the cost for returning the goods, if he wants to use the return service offered by the site.

11.5 In case of withdrawal, the Customer will be reimbursed for the payments he made, including delivery costs (except for the additional costs deriving from the choice of a type of delivery other than the least expensive type of standard delivery offered), without undue delay and, in any case, no later than 14 days after being informed of the Customer's decision to withdraw from the contract. These refunds will be made using the same payment method used by the Customer for the initial transaction, unless the Customer requests a refund on different means of payment, in which case any additional costs arising from the different means of payment will be charged to the Customer. The reimbursement may be suspended until receipt of the goods or until the Client has demonstrated to have sent back the goods, if earlier.

11.6 The Products must be returned in the same state in which they were delivered. The Customer must therefore ensure that the Products are intact and complete with all their elements and accessories, not damaged in any way, and that they are returned in their original packaging, accompanied by all the labels with which they were received. The Seller will check the packaging and the status of the individual returned Products. The Customer is responsible for the decrease in the value of the goods resulting from a handling other than that necessary to establish the nature and characteristics and the functioning of the goods. Therefore, if the returned goods are damaged (for example with signs of wear, abrasion, scratching, scratching, etc.), they are not complete with all their elements and accessories (including labels and tags unaltered and attached to the product), not accompanied by the original packaging and packages, the Customer will be responsible for reducing the asset value of the asset, and will be entitled to a refund of the amount equal to any residual value of the Product. To this end, therefore, the Customer is asked not to manipulate the goods beyond what is strictly necessary to establish the nature and characteristics of the same and to cover the original packaging of the Products with other protective packaging that preserves its integrity and protects it during transport also by writing or by labels.

12. Intellectual property rights

12.1. The Hej-boo trademark is and remains the exclusive property of Mag Enegy srl and/or its assignees, without the Customer having any rights to the same from accessing the Site and/or purchasing the Products.

12.2. Total or partial reproduction, modification, tampering or use of these trademarks, illustrations, images and logos, for any reason and on any medium, are absolutely prohibited.

13. Applicable law, settlements and jurisdiction

13.1. Any sales contracts signed between the Seller and the Consumer under these Conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with the Italian laws in forces and, in particular, the Consumer Code, with specific reference made to the regulations concerning distance contracts, and by Legislative Decree no. 70 dated April 9, 2003, on certain aspects concerning electronic commerce. This is without prejudice to any rights granted to Consumers by binding provisions in force in the Consumer's country of residence.

13.2. In the event of a dispute between the Seller and the Consumer, we hereby undertake to attempt to reach an amicable settlement which Consumers can submit to the RisolviOnline service, an independent settlement service provided by the Board of Arbitration of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, which provides the possibility to reach a satisfactory agreement, with the assistance of an impartial and expert Arbitrator, in an amicable and secure manner on the internet.  For further information on the RisolviOnline regulations or to submit a settlement request, please visit the website at

13.3. As an alternative to the settlement proposed in art. 13.2 above, the Consumer is also entitled to access the European Online Dispute Resolution Platform (European ODR Platform) to resolve any disputes between the Seller and the Consumer. The European ODR Platform is developed and managed by the European Council implementing Directive no. 2013/11/EU and Regulation (EU) no. 524/2013, to provide out-of-court solutions that are independent, impartial, transparent, simple, efficient, fast and low-cost ways of resolving domestic and cross-border disputes which arise from online sales or service contracts between a Consumer residing in the EU and a professional residing in the EU by means of the intervention by an ADR entity (Alternative Dispute Resolution) providing such services, as seen in the list provided. For further information on the European ODR Platform, or to submit a complaint and start alternative termination procedures concerning the dispute relating to this contract, please use the following link: The Seller's email address to be reported to the European ODR Platform is as follows:

13.4. If no settlement attempt is made, as under section 13.2, or the attempt is not successful, exclusive jurisdiction for all disputes shall be granted to the competent court in the Consumer's place of residence or domicile address.