Free kit

Some schools have provided a kit of free uniforms to their students.

At the time of your registration on the site or in any case before the end of May of every year, you will receive an email from the site manager containing:

  • - a "PROMOTIONAL CODE", throught which you can order your kit for free, choosing from the alternative kits available in the specific section of the site
  • - the policy defined by your school for the delivery of the kits (eg which Grade are entitled to the kit, different types of kits, ...)
  • - the period of validity of the PROMOTIONAL CODE

Purchase the Free Kit using the PROMOTIONAL CODE. The value of the kit will be discounted from your bill.

We will deliver the kit together with the other products you have ordered at the same time.

Remember that the not complaint use of the PROMOTIONAL CODE with the School Policy will result in cancellation of the Free Kit order and the Free Kit will not be delivered.