Sustainability in mind

Today, every business must face a challenge: on the one hand, there is a continuous increase in demand and in wasted resources within industrial systems; on the other hand, natural resources and the earth’s ability to regenerate are declining.
We want sustainability to be a characterising aspect of all our products.
We will focus on organic cotton, a more sustainable cotton which is better for the environment it grows in and the people that produce it. Through the Better Cotton Initiative, farmers learn to care for the health of the soil and natural habitats. They also learn how to reduce use of the most harmful chemicals and are trained on principles of decent work. BCI helps farmers to use water efficiently, saving on this natural resource whilst maximizing yields.
We will prefer, wherever possible, the use of materials not of animal origin.
We want to start thinking in terms of circular economy. For this reason we will collect used garments, to avoid waste and to let people think about fashion in a more valuable way.
Our main focus will be producing very high quality products, but even very “good” products for the planet.